The Gift of a New Beginning

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Something to kick 2019 in. Following the “classic” changed by the remote stories where the hero get’s shot by a mysterious remote and gets younger or older. But this time – althoug the the base is the same – the outcome favors for the readers who loves happy endings.
This is the very first comic where we can see how the so called “D-Force” technology works in or favorite AR/AP tales! What does this mean? Now with a hard work we can see how a kid outgrows his/her clothes. The body grows or get’s younger while the clothes stay’s the same size. It’ still in the early steps but now you can see how it works.

Rob invites his family, over to his new apartment to spend the christmas night together. But he didn’t know that a mysterious present from an unknown will change his family’s life forever. 

The theme of this comic is Male Age Regression and Female Age Progression!

Rendered in IRAY and contains 112 Pictures on 108 Pages, with 1 Bonus picture!

3 reviews for The Gift of a New Beginning

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    utopianfubar (verified owner)

    Had so much potential. However i feel like this story has been told many times before it various formats across many authors, I would like to see a little sister be truly evil and regress them further and even perhaps regress the mother too.

    The art itself is amazing but not really any nudity.

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      Fair enough! My intention was the go back to the old, classic change here to give something new but something we all know and love. The remote has a history not just in my tales but basically in the AR/AP scene. As for the evil ending, I prefer that myself but I also heared the ppl who would like to see more of the sweet side and since it is a chirstmas story, I decided to give something sweet this time! You can’t make everyone happy! 😉 Thanks!

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    Dracoknight545 (verified owner)

    Well, this was an interesting comic, well some would think it could have been taken a step more. Personally reading it through from start to finish and hearing why it happened makes sense. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t brought it but it’s a good story.

    Art-wise, it looks great as usual.

    Still, I hope to see more free comics in the future like this. As my own issue would be the price kind high for at least 10 maybe 8 but I can blame that someone trying to support themselves for their hard work, so I can see why it was $10

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      I think the “step more” is always in the air, depending on what is your taste and what you want to see! 😉 As for the price, I can understand if it’s high but I always try to give something for an exchange!

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    Otacon29 (verified owner)

    As always bela brings her heart out and delivers a well made comic, with a twist from her normal theme. No spoiler but it’s a nice male AR, female AP that begins like any dominating fetish comic, but the last few pages switch it up and the ending makes you wonder about there choices. It’s a cute little story, I would recommend it. But there is some room for improvement, the art work and setting are Bela on par with her abilities, I would have liked it to go more in a ‘naughty’ directions. But i am pleased with her work.

    I’m already dieing to see her next one and where she goes.

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