Selfie Two

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Selfie Two

What can I say? Everybody of the old members know the classic comic of bela04: Selfie! Easy to “read” thanks to it’s lack of written dialogues, and the detailed changes on the characters. No Bullshit, if I want to say….
Selfie Two was made with the same thought, and thanks to the AgeArts Community, for all the suggestions, and comments, it is back with a second part! The “story” is stand alone, all you have to do is check out the pictures what was “found” in the trash on some junkyard.
No prelude, no afterward, we don’t even know who are those people who are on the pictures, all we know that some strange thing happened again in a family like last time….

The main theme of this comic is Age Regression with Age Progression!

Rendered in IRAY and contains 90 Pictures on 90 Pages


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