Role Swap

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When I started to make this comic, I had different idea in my head, how I want it to end. Of course as always, ideas came and went and I decided to take this tale onto completely different road… I wanted to create something new, if not unique but to show how exactly I imagine the Regression happens in a more private way. During our hero’s dream.

I made something similiar in the “Change your Mind” comic but this is definitely something different! If it doesn’t different, than it is the longest of all my comics, that’s for sure!

To use my friend, lostandwhatever’s words: “That’s just a weird as I hoped. Well done!”

Who wouldn’t want to get some easy money? Of course, most of us are open for this kind of opportunities, just like, Amy here! She had a few hour free before her date with his boyfriend so she applied for a test. But little she know that a little lie could decide her fate for a very long time….

The main theme of this comic is Age Regression with Age Progression!

Rendered in IRAY and contains 198 Pictures on 172 Pages

3 reviews for Role Swap

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    Seremedy (verified owner)

    Amazing comic Bela! I really loved this one, your attention to detail is fantastic! Really nice to have a longer comic from you again 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

    Regarding the other review, you have to look under your Downloads page in your profile 🙂

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      Thank you for your comment! I’m happy that you liked it! 😉 I’m trying to do my best!

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    HotDogFan1 (verified owner)

    $12 well wasted. Just a longer version of your other free comics. Few panels of regression and a few panels of women growing huge breasts. The rest is a bunch of filler. Was hoping that the “slow changes” were actually going to be slow, but sadly it wasn’t. I’m personally not a fan of the race in infancy in these types of stories. I’m more of a journey not destination kind of guy.

    The renders are well done and it’s great that you are taking the time to make these comics. But I will just have to pass on buying any future stuff.

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      I don’t know what to say…. Honestly, there are always people who are not happy what they got. It’s not a problem, but it seems like always the people with the bad experience are the ones who comments or leave reviews, but at least you listed a few things what I can reflect to so I will.

      Longer versions of free comics…
      I have already created many-many free comics for the community, since I love this kind of transforms and I love this community… I’ve also create many Premium comics what holds something new or different and every single one are based the “thinking” that with the premium, you got the “AR-AP” feeling in a longer way… I don’t really understand this “reason”. Without, any offense, what do you think, how long does it take to make such a comic? I see your pointed out that you appreciate the time I’m working on it, what for I’m greatful but seriously, with more than 50 or 80 pages do you know how much work is coming with these? Of course it takes more time than a free comic which also took many time! think I always bring the quality and the changes in every comic! Is it that bad that I expect something for my work, in that case money? What do you expect from these comics? I mean I really want to know, becasue I think this genre has it’s limits and you can’t present new every time, which I always try but still. Also I have my artistical opinion on what I like and what I support, let me have this… I’m not a machine what you put your money in and than you get what you want. Many ppl forget this. But if you have an opinion, or an idea how to add more to it, why don’t you send me, post or use the forum?

      Few panel of regression / growing huge breast / slow changes…
      You are not the first one who is “disappointed” about the changes. I think I’ve done many comics where you could “experience” what I mean under the slow changes… Again, what did you expect? 20 pages with growin arms and legs? I mean come on…. Growing huge breast? Isn’t that many of the ppl are into? I know I can’t satisfy everyone’s needs but come on…. If I give more background to the story, it’s not good enough, if I make comics only focusing on the changes it’s not good enough… Help me out here guys becasue I got a little confused, and I don’t want to write down here what I think of all these ppl at the moment….

      What you are fan of is your thing, but only commenting and telling me what you don’t like, I don’t think is fair with me if you have “expectations”. And since you don’t like this tale is it really fair to give that 1 star? I don’t really give too much about this star system but I don’t think what’ve done is a fair thing… I check it and this is your only comment on the whole site, where were you when you liked something? When did you suggested something? Knowing that, sorry but I don’t think the one star is fair or even your comment is fair enough. I hope in the future you will be more active and share your experience and suggestions with me to have more opinion for the future projects.

      Other than that – and that includes every single one of the users who are complining without pointing out what they expect – if you buy something when I have allllll the comics in the gallery what shows, what can you expect in most of my comics, and you expect something else… well it’s tough luck, I’m really sorry to hear, but just as you said, don’t buy my next one, if you are not satisfy with it!

      I’m happy that you likes the renders but I’m accepting if you do not wish to buy any more of my comics!

      And as I wrote, don’t take this as an attack, I just needed to react since I got a little bit enough with all the people who are always coming out of no-where and give voice to their “disappointment” and then fade into nothing again.

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    Chickahn (verified owner)

    Wanted to comment after seeing what you posted.
    I would first of all say that you should try not to take the overall negative comments to heart as people who didn’t like it are much more likely to comment than those who did. I realize you put a TON of work into this and getting this feedback isn’t enjoyable but just something to keep in mind, happy people don’t tend to post 🙂

    In terms of constructive comments (though I understand that my opinion is quite possibly not shared by everyone) I feel that while the quality of the graphics has definitely improved overtime you’ve undergone a stylistic change that I and a few other people aren’t as big a fan of.

    Maybe the entire concept was just newer back then so it was easier to impress, but I was a much bigger fan of comics like Hypno, TimeShift, Facebook Plugin, or the Company in terms of style than this one. Something about the proportions in the newer comics (which are more outlandish and less realistic) and the style of stories (which are also more outlandish, with space and aliens and instant transformations) just isn’t as appealing.

    Not sure if this was helpful but thanks as always!

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