Little Boy – by lostandwhatever & bela04

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Here we are again! A brand new tale from Us to You! Yes, from Us! This time, I asked my good writing partner, lostandwhatever if he was up to the challange to make a story from an older idea what had been in my head for more than 2 years now. I know that we have something in common, the experiances showed that we could wonderfully turn each other’s thoughts into stories and pictures.

But let’s see how he saw it:

Bela had an interesting idea for a collaboration that he shared with me almost a year ago now. It involved age regression, age progression, reality changes, and shifting memories all subtly mixed together. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to write, but I didn’t expect it to become the most complex story I had written up until then. There certainly are more transformations in this story than I had ever done before. Now that I see the finished images to go with it, I’m blown away by the amount of work Bela put into this one as well. So many characters appear at so many different ages, and yet it all flows together pretty seamlessly. Give it a read. If you like any of our stuff, I’m sure you will enjoy this.

So after almost a year our tale is finally come to the point where we can say: It’s done! I’m more than happy to show you our next premium tale: “Little Boy”. I think we both can be very proud to our work, and I can say this with confidence.

But what do we have here?

After a busy day, Dr. June Samson, Clinical Psychologist is visited by a Mother and her little boy for an unpredictable session. The woman claims that her son acts strange and calls her by her first name and remembers things that never happened. After Dr. Samson, decides to have a quick session with the boy, she realizes that this maybe the most interesting session of her life. The boy, called Johnny, claims that he is an adult and that his Mother is his wife…

This is not a comic, at least not in the form of what you used to! This is an Illustrated Novel! So be aware of this before you buy it! As Lost said, you can find many changes in this one, around the Age Regression / Age Progression and Reality Change theme!

Contains 128 Pictures (including “concept arts” and before/after pictures) on 123 Pages, with 1 Animation!

2 reviews for Little Boy – by lostandwhatever & bela04

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    Kastragos (verified owner)

    Lot’s of process, great art! Absolutely recommended!

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    BLZBub (verified owner)

    A great story that shows more than just a simple comic. Definitely worth the purchase.

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