Detention 2

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Detention 2

Detention was a commission project back in the day. It was released on AgeArts and you can still read the first part of it for free in the Gallery!

One of our user asked for a second part of it on my Patreon page and during a few days work the second part of the “Detention” was born.

“Our “hero” is a young teen boy who somehow got himself some power. Power that can alter people… Thanks to his bad childhood, he start a little revenge on his Step-Mom and the neighbours next to him. What starts as a revenge, ends up in creating a new life but not just for himself, but the other ones around him.”


WARNING! The main theme of this comic is the Age Regression and Age Progression! Contains Sex Scenes and STRONG Humiliation!
It also includes unbirth, bimbofication, french-maid, breast-expanson.

Rendered in IRAY and contains 102 Pictures on 88 Pages.

Story by bela04 Written by lostandwhatever

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    spiderman27 (verified owner)

    Solid more on the ending would have been interesting. Next sequel maybe

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