Bimbo Tales

10 $

Bimbo Tales – by bela04

Probably the last Premium Bimbo Comic from bela04! In this one you can get the unadulterated bimbo experience, one of the best so far from bela04. In this three part story, we can follow four different girls short journey, who’s destiny will be the same. As they starts to work, study or even just know more about the secrets of this strange “magical” private university, they fate are already settled.

Cathy is a fresh member of the board what directs the University until she meets someone “special”.
Jenny is a freshman, a stork in the University who isn’t very popular in the community. She meets with a girl called KiKi who will be her best friend.
KiKi is the “School’s” slut but her newfound friendship with Jenny brightens her mind to a dark secret about herself.
Jade is a very successful Investigative reporter who is very close to find out the dark secrets of the University.

Rendered in IRAY and contains 105 Pictures on 105 Pages.

3 reviews for Bimbo Tales

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    spiderman27 (verified owner)

    This is fabulous, would easily pay double. please make more of these

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    Likezomgwtf (verified owner)

    Just bought it how do i view?

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      Profile page/ Downloads

  3. Avatar

    spiderman27 (verified owner)

    Will there be more content like this? Even if not on this site?

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      Probably not. Comics like this won’t be made for this site. Mabe some elements in other comics.

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