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Weird Ways Life Hits You

Hi, I've been requesting for a story for a while, and while I've objectively found some things that I like, most of the times I've found myself thinking "I would have done otherwise". So I decided to start writing one on my own.


I wanna giive you a fair warning before I start getting into the story 'cause I feel like you all deserve it, since I don't want to waste anyone's precious time.

1 - This is my first time writing a full story, so it is highly possible that it will be convoluted and lead to nothing.
2 - English is not my first language, so it's probably not gonna be an excellent piece of art, especially if  you are someone who enjoys literature.
3 - The most important point. If you expect this get to the "kinky stuff" immediately, don't get into it. I like to take things slow and have that sweet characters development.


"And why on Earth would I need an assitant again?" John Jefferson, 28, was 3 when he was diagnosed with a very rare disease that affects both muscles and bones, making them fragile; while it wasn't lethal on its own, it made it impossible for him to put any muscular mass by weight lifting, and also forced him to be cautious with his eating habits, since his legs might fail his structure him if he would have become overweight. On top of that, he was also on the shorter side, so being a 5'3 very skinny man, he surely wasn't the bossiest looking dude in the office.
Although his problems, he's always tried to get what was best for him and tried to give himself some authority. He grew a nicely shaped beard, he became witty and, contrary to most people in his position, he would always go to work wearing a suit and a tie.

"First and formost, it is a cost efficient solution. Our new employee is a promising intern that will work here for free for the next six months. If she, as I expect, will turn to be good enough, we will hire her with a full-time job, so I need someone qualified to teach her. " Ever since Mrs. Thompson retired, Janna Prickles, a 51 years old unmarried men hater became his new boss and things only started running slower for his career; it was bright as the day that Janna had a partiicular taste in torturing him. And the hate was mutual. Short and plumpy, she always used to wear overly coloured outfits that made her look like a knock off version of Queen Elizabeth. Fitting for her personality, John taught.

John rolled his eyes and sighed "In other words, I have to babysit." but Janna blocked him with an evil grin. "I took care personally and decided for her amongst tons of other students who signed for this position. She's a quick learner, don't worry. Also, there's a second reason why I needed for you to have an assistant:  even though you're better at your job than I like to admit, you're still an annoying little prick who needs to learn how to be organized, so she will take charges of your time schedules from now on." Truthfully, his office looked like a mess, and his schedules were all over the place, he couldn't argue with it. But there was more. "Oh I see now. It's about the Gravéneux fiasco! Look I told you already it was not my fault if Jack went through my stuff and mixed 'em up lik-" "I know and that is why he had been fired. But let's be honest for a second here. Just coincidentially it wasn't your fault this time. It was surely not the first time your pig habits got in your way. I know this is more about pride than anything else, but you DO need help. And you can be helpful yourself." That didn't sound very convincing at all,  and she knew it; so, sighing and looking down, she continued her speech. "Fine, I knew it would have come to this. I've already hired her, as a matter of facts, she's already waiting in your office, as of now. Since I know that you need something to be motivated, here's your goal: in the next six months I want to have someone who is just as good as you doing your job, and you are the only one who can teach her. Make me proud, and you'll get a 6% raise." Finally she was talking business, he taught. John was a very proud and goal oriented person, and this seemed like a good deal, which he closed by shaking hands with his boss.

He walked to his office and opened the door. His new assistant was standing there, right in front of him. <HOLY SHIT> was all he could think of, but he limited himself to think it, and open his eyes wide.


So this was his new assistant? For fraction of a second, John found his mind to be both incredulous and completely unsurprised at the same exact time. Part of him felt like it was just way too natural for Mrs. Prickles to have assigned to him someone who would have made him as uncomfortable as humanly possible. On the other hand, he had never seen a woman like that in his entire life.

She was standing right backwards in front of his archive closet, already reording the various papers with John's clients contracts and general informations. But it was not her efficiency that impressed him. She was a fucking giant.
Her shoulders were completely over the top of the closet, and while truthfully she was wearing a couple of trampolines, she still was probably around 7'2'' and 7'4'' foot tall.

She didn't seem to have notice John entering the room, so he cleared his troat as loudly as he could, without being obnoxious. Gently, she turned around and started slowly walking towards him with a very large smile, allowing the short man to give a complete check of her gargantuan body. <Big on all fronts, it seems> He already had the time to notice her big hips and ass, and was not disappointed noticing that each of her breasts was probably bigger than his head.
On top of that, judging how streched her shirt was around her arms and how wide her sholders were in comparison to her relatively thin waist, she was probably someone who enjoyed the gym a little too much. Not that she was a body builder, but definitely way fitter than average.

In contrast with the rest of her body, her face seemed very genuine, the typical extremely hot girl that is not aware of being beautiful. She had large deer-like green eyes and two puffy cheeks which made her look friendly; infinitely long raven hair were framing her cheerful face.

She leaned and lent her hand to greet and introduce herself to her new boss, and charmfully said "Greetings, I'm sorry I didn't hear you entering the room, I was focus on rear... My apologies, I should present myself first. I'm Giorgia Falcone, I'm 21, about to major in Commerce and I well... to be honest, it was my dad to point out that you would have been a... uh, but look at me, always talking without giving my new boss the possibility to use his own speech right, please, I know I've excused me a lot today, but once again I will ask you your pardon." She didn't seem nervous at all. Quite the contrary.
John on the other hand looked like he had seen a ghost. "Eh..." was all that came from his mouth. He was in trance. They were still holding each other hands, and he felt like he was a kid who had to cross the street and needed an adult to help him. He also felt and incredible amount of empathy for the co-protagonists of that one show on TLC, My Giant Life.

She kept on smiling, "Well...?" he finally snapped out and managed to mumble something. "Eh... yeah. You are the one who has to apologise me. I'm John Jefferson, and as you pointed out, I'm gonna be your mentor for the next six months. Our director says that you're a quick learner, so follow my guidance and you'll become one hell of an employee. Just... don't steal me my light, alright?"

"Oh, don't worry about it, I'm used to it. I understand that it is not that frequent to see a girl like me; but hey, at least it helps my ambitions! So... wanna start to work?"


The first couple of months passed rather quickly, and John had to admit allowing Giorgia to manage his stuff had been a good idea. Thanks to a better organised working space and time, he actually managed to make more profit than he ever had, closing 2-3 contracts more per day than he used to before she arrived; more recently, she also actually had started giving him help with his job as well, not just by reporting data and typing contracts in his place (which already helped a lot), but by actually correcting those minor mistakes he made every once on a while by the end of the day, when tiredeness kicked in.

Her presence in the office was also a general breath of fresh air. Her positiveness towards everything, her continuous smiling, and the extroverted personality were having a good impact at work, and almost made John forget about Janna's grittiness.

"I baked muffins this morning!" "Again? You're gonna make me fat!" On Fridays, she didn't come at work until late, and she used to spend that time working on her culinary passion. In the last 8 weeks, not once she had forgot to bring some treat in the office to share with John. "Please, you're so skinny! I bet I could lift you with one hand." she said cheerfully. John breathed out in a one second laughter and then answered. "I bet you could, but I rather you didn't. So, my lunch break is over, what comes next, Miss Falcone?" She went to her PC, spent a couple of minutes to boot it and finally answered. "Nothing." "Nothing? What do you mean nothing?" he asked with doubt. He knew he had at least other three contracts to close before the end of the day. "There must be an error in the schedule, there are..." "Green Inc., Myers-Flynch. Already done." His expression said aghast all over the place. That he could remember, he had never drank a sip of alcohol in his whole life, neither done any drugs. He would have remembered having closed three contracts that he had programmed. "What the hell are you talking about?" "They are on your desk already, you just have to sign them." He checked the papers, it was all done for real. Even the amount of money taken from it was a good 10-15% more than he hoped for. "This is your writing." "Yes, I know, I've done it this morning. I went to the gym and met the two of them there, Kayleen Smith from Green Inc. and Jordan Flynch. I invited them out for a coffee after that and we made it all. You just have to sign it."

John was discombobulated. One thing was helping, one thing was stepping on his toes. He never asked her to do such a thing, but could he hate her? He got more profit than he would have done on his own, and after all, he was not the type of guy to hate competition. More than that, she was his student, so he reasoned on it for a while, until deciding he was proud of her, but still needed to be stern about it.

"Okay. You did good. But still, you have to inform me of these things. I appreciate both the courage and the ambition, but I'm still your mentor, am I not?" She looked away, visibly annoyed by his rant. "Yeah, you are. But I would have not done it if I didn't know you would have been okay with it. I'm not a kid. I just wanted to help and show off a little." "I know. And trust me, you're doing great." He sighed, wanting to win her approval once again. "Look, what's fair is fair." He took his wallet and took a little over 100 dollars out of it, giving it to her. "This is your part. I expected to make less money from those, so this is all yours." She gasped happily and hugged him, burying his face in her gigantic tits, he tried to move himself away, but his strenght compare to hers was like an ant pretending to move away a tir.

"OHMYGODTHANKYOUSOMUCHTHISISTHE..." she pushed him away, realising what she was doing. "I'm... sorry. That was extremely inappropriate." "It's fine. I mean, I'm not complaining" he said laughing. She smiled, as usual, and then exclaimed. "You know what? Let's hang out tonight. Pizza is on me!"

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