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Vitamins Test

Here's an idea I've had bouncing around my head for a while that I'd think would make a great comic. It's inspired by two stories: Strong Vitamins by bobby and Special Vitamins by Thom and Planet, both excellent stories.

In this idea of mine, a Chinese pharmaceutical company is running tests for a new product. This concentrated vitamin tablet should be able to supercharge a body, eliminating deficiencies and weakened systems that people are sometimes born with. They start their tests with a sickly little Chinese girl. The results are better than they could have expected. The vitamin transform her into a very healthy woman with abundant curves.

They repeat this test with some other girls and get similar results, too similar actually. While the girls also become healthy beautiful women, for some reason their race is changed to Chinese. There could potentially be a boy among the test subjects, but I'm not certain if he'd become a Chinese man or a woman. The researchers conclude that while this formula might not be the miracle pill they were hoping for, there is definitely a potential market for this effect.

For the record, I don't expect the women to look exactly alike. They're not all becoming the same woman, so this is NOT a cloning/twinning story.

So the main point is that the subject will become part of the chinase race? I like the idea though! 🙂

Same here. And if I may add a friendly story suggestion, I would like to see some of the test subjects experience some side effects of the pills, similar to what happens in Chapter 10 of Special Vitamins. Honestly, I would be fine if the proposed story included either a boy who ages into a man before turning into a curvy woman, a girl who ages into a woman before turning into a muscular man, or both. Not that I’m actively demanding for this story or anything.

Yo? Is anyone willing to consider my request? Not that I’m being pushy or anything.

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