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The Pills

Erica (23) has a crush on the boyfriend of her female roommate. But her rommate is far more sexier than she is, so she sees no chance to make her crush leave her roommate. So she got herself some mysterious pills, wich grant her beauty, at least she thinks so. She takes 1 pill and instandly grows volouptous but decides to wait till the next day to approach her crush. She then goes to sleep but when she wakes up the next day her new gained attractiveness vanished and she´s back to her petite frame.

But not only that. She´s also around 5 years younger, wich she doesn´t realize through her anger. She imidiatly takes another pill do grow big again and hopes that the first one was somehow disfunctional. Again she grows and goes out to flirt with the boyfreind of her roommate. Later she comes back into her room, talking to herself how succesfully she seduced him and gets to sleep.

She wakes up and recognizes that she´s looking more than just petite. She a teenager and looks around 13 Years old. Desparate, she takes 2 Pills this time, disregarding the changes to this point. again she mets with her crush and again she comes home and goes to sleep but as she wakes up this time, she lost 10 years instead of 5. She´s about to cry, as someone knocks on her door and before she can say somethink her roommate enters her room, saying somethinks like:"erica, you won´t believe what happend, some bimbo bitch tried to steal my boyfriend, but luckily he´s loyal and i heard from one of his friends that he thinks about proposing to m....". She then recognizes, that erica is nowhere to find. Only a 3 year old child sits on her bed. After searching for somethink that would explain this situation, the girl finds the bottle with the pills, reading the label ou loud. "Beauty Boost Pills - One Night of unmatched beauty. Attention: One Pill makes you 5 years younger"(yeah that´s some lazy writing, but the the pills have to take something to give somethink).

Ericas former roommate realizes, what happend and who that mysterious bimbo was. She looks at the child-erica and decides, that she has to look for her, till they found some parents for her, or maybe, she will adopt her herself to be a happy family.

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