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The Gold Digger

A young attractive woman (lets call her Natasha) stands in a livingroom, only wearing a open dressing gown, revealing her body. She drinks whine, while saying to herself, that it was so easy to manipulatethis old pervert into changing his last will to her advantage, by giving her almost his whole fortune and leaving his son almost nothing. She admits to herself, that it was quite harsh for th son, but he visited the old man only for money, so in te end he was just a gold digger too. She turns around and suddendly there is a man standing in front of her. He´s roughly at the same age as her and very angry.

The man (Tony) screams that he knew it and holds up a weird glowing stone, saying:" I wish that i get the inheritance of my father back from this bitch!!".

Natasha asks him, if he´s crazy, but Tony explainesthat he got himself this wishing stone to get the fortunes of his father back.

The woman starts laughing but suddendly freezes. Her already large breasts strat to expand and lactate, while her hips widen. As she looks up there stands a smiling Tony, but he looks like a teenager.

Natasha asks him what has happend to him and Tony realizes the changes. He starts to panic, while he regresses down to just a toddler.

The vouluptous woman laughs, thinking that the spells just backfired and is already over. She steps closer to the baby, but suddendly the infant-Tony vanishes. Natasha wonders, but suddendly her belly start growing. With shock she looks down, while her belly grows to a 8-Month pregnancy in mere seconds.

As she is about to losing it her eyes start to glow and a mind-change alters her reality.

She is now a pegnant ex-trophywife and will soon give birth to her precious little heir.


Interesting setup with a nice twist at the end! Will see! 🙂

Thanks 🙂

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