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The Blip

This is less of a story idea and more like a writing prompt. Having seen 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' recently, I've been inspired for potential new stories and I want to share that inspiration with everyone. But first, there needs to be a little background information shared, so there are a few minor spoilers for those who haven't watched the latest MCU films.

Using the full power of the Infinity Stones, Thanos the Mad Titan caused the Decimation. Half of all life in the universe was wiped from existence with a snap of his fingers, quite literally. It took five years for the Avengers to undo the Infinity Snap and bring back everyone. In that time period, the rest of the world kept moving on. People return to a world five years in the future. They returned exactly where and how they were before the Snap. But everyone who wasn't wiped out has aged five years since then. A good example of this would be Brad Davis. Before what is now known as the Blip, Peter Parker knew Brad as an awkward-looking kid. After the Blip, he's now the same age as Peter and considered a chick magnet. Another example is Cassie Lang, who is now five years older than Scott has last seen her (though that is for different reasons than the Infinity Snap).

Now, the aftermath of the Blip has a lot of potential for stories. Kids who had younger siblings come back to find they're now the older siblings. People who could not be a couple because of a significant time gap are now unrestricted. I think there's a lot that writers like ourselves can work with. Of course, I'm going to be doing a short story in this vein before long, but I'd like to encourage other people to use this plot and write your own stories. If you can't write a whole story, then post story ideas for this plot on this thread. I'd like to hear what you guys would come up with.

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