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Roleplay Ideas Ft. Male AR (And possibly other changes)

Like a lot of folks on this site, or so I'd imagine, I'm a fan of male regression. I've been hunting for some roleplay and writing partners in the genre if anyone's interested. I'm also willing to reciprocate if someone wants to bring other transformations into the mix (Male AR/Female AP, or male AR/AP, etc.)

Reply here or shoot me a PM. I have a few vague ideas to be fleshed out...

-Christmas themed AR. College-aged guy watching a kid for the holidays teases them with some story about Krampus. It appears. Switches the edges. The two go through the holidays with a role reversal.

-Geeky guy makes some vague and ill-worded wish to get more attention from women. Gets zapped down to school age and is positively adorable. Could involve maybe his little sister or something absorbing his age; or maybe its a pair of guys who get regressed.

Vague ideas. I'm a pretty flexible writer and all I ask is you write changes for me and I'll write them for you. I think, ideally, things might work out better if I partnered with someone whose either interested in being the regressor or into AP. But I'm flexible like I've said.



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