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Quote from KouKiba on 01/29/2019, 09:54

This age change site should provide you with a veritable fountain of ideas.

Yepp, I think many of us used this - since the ARArchive is the base start for this community - and the CYOC stories for inspiration! Well, at least I can say that I did that many times during the last couple of years!

By the way, I’ve heard that areg5 is considering writing for AgeArts, but he’s decided not to due to you demanding an enormous portion of the action and credit. No offense.

I don't even remember the last time we talked... I've made mistakes when I couldn't complete my part of the "Re-doing comics". It happened because of reasons out of my control. I think he did really well for himself and I'm glad for the success what he reached in the scene! Probably he is the longest Author/Artist who is still in the scene and I'm really happy for him!

He didn't searched for me about writing to AgeArts or even to speak about anything and since I'm not following his work on a daily basis I can't confirm or deny the facts what you wrote down. So it is totally on him to think and decide whether he wants to write for AgeArts or not, since I have no information about this.

Due to this I do not wish to talk about this without hearing from the other half, so please don't bring topics here what doesn't belongs here in the future.

If you insist. Sorry about that. I just didn’t know how to put said topics into a place that would be noticeable.

I have a request for a comic/story..the idea is that the male protagonist(around 20 years old) would regress(may that be voluntary or not voluntary)and for each year lost his penis would grow one inch..this could end up with a horny girlfriend with an 11 year old kid with a huge you Think it would be interesting?

Is there a heart's ideal 3 in the works for valentine's day and if not can I commission a continuation of that story?

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