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Yes, I believe that this site should try to focus more on recruiting new writers to make some amazing age change stories for it. Not that I’m actively demanding it or anything, it’s just a friendly suggestion. However, it is for the best that AgeArts can and should recruit all of the available age change authors it can find, especially considering the sorry state of the online age change community in recent years.

Thank you for the links, KouKiba. I'll check those out.

Yeah, you may want to rely on the Wayback Machine for some of the links, considering that some of them are dead.

Here’s some more inspiration. Sorry if I stepped out of bounds in any way.

If you want, you can always turn to Dreamtales Comics for story ideas. Personally, I would have to go with the comics that feature male age regression (Olympic Trials 2, Puberty Fairies 2), as well as Flu Shots 4 and 5, which, so far, are the only Dreamtales comics that feature male age progression. Also, A Growing Attraction features male muscle growth.

Frankly, I’d like to see something similar to The AgeArts App by TGTrinity, which features both male and female age progression, as well as brief TG sequences.

If you ask me, you can always try to recruit some age change and transgender authors from Tumblr, especially since most of them have little to no material left because of Tumblr’s purge of anything remotely adult themed. At least this site would receive plenty of new stories. Not that there’s anything wrong with the pre-existing stories, by the way.

Is anyone here considering recruiting writers from Tumblr? That network’s essentially been purged of all of the decent age change and transgender stories. Not that you have to do it right now, by the way.

Also, is anyone here willing to consider hiring writers from CYOC?

This age change site should provide you with a veritable fountain of ideas.

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