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Public Pool Mass AR/AP/TG

So one trope I like regarding the TF fetish is the change being unnoticed by the person(s) being transformed. So I thought up of this idea that can work with both a male or female protagonist, but since I think Ftm Gender TF's are unnecessarily rare, we'll start with a female character.


So this woman goes to her local YMCA and she is in the locker room/showers with a whole bunch of other people and kids of both genders (Exp. Moms with sons etc) and woman goes to have a shower and at first everything seems fine, but then she sees this one-year-old baby girl with an adult size penis and balls. She then looks around and sees the rest of the pool patrons changing which include but is not limited too:

  • We see a mom in the process of changing her twin's diapers before having an accident of her own as she's squatting down and her mind turns to mush.
  • We see two grade-school girls getting kind of chummy as they get taller and a bulge appears in both of their panties.
  • We see a couple of high-school girls talking about how cute the lifeguard before realizing that's totes gay and start talking about video games as they become more boyish.

Now the woman sees all of this and wants to freak out, but she can't and she herself starting turning into a prepubescent boy. Eventually, everyone is fully changed and the new reality settles in as our now male (and very confused) protagonist decides to put his swimsuit on (Which used to be sexy) and head out into the pool. Once outside, he's still trying to figure out what happened, but he sees that the slides are open so he'd better get in line fast.


Now that was just the female version, the male version is pretty much the same ecept with a few different scenes which I will be more than happy to tell if I get popular (or maybe just do it next week either way). I hope you guys like this idea and if someone does want to make this into a comic or something, I would like to be a part of it. Until then, Buh-bye.

Interesting, have to say! I have a GYM change comic in progress for some time now where we can see numerous changes, but it's focused around AR/AP.
But having something what includes multiple strange changes is something more than appealing. Although, to make them look like could be a pain in the ass! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

Thanks for the compliment, and for the record, I think the idea can work in any art medium so you don't have to do if you don't think you're talented enough. Do you want to hear my ideas for the male version as well?

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