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Terri, a little girl (4-5 years old) comes to her older sister carly(20-25 years old). Terri asks carly if she would like to swap bodys and thinking that would be a joke, the older sibling agrees. But suddendly she finds herself in the body of the little girl while Terri is in hers. Terri in her older sisters body explaines, that she found a book full of spells, but if she wanted to use them on another person she needs their permission. Carly is shocked but then the little girl asks her victim if she wants her age back. Carly thinks that that means, that she get her old body back, but then her little body starts growing, while her original body starts shrinking. She understands that she´ve been tricked and watchs how her old body becomes a child while she herself grows big. Terri in her big sisters body enjoys the age regression of it. When the Age swap is over the Carly says that she wants her old body back and Terri answers that there´s nothing easier than that. Carly has time enough to understand that she just made a big mistake but then she´s already in her original, but now small body. Terri in her grown body offers Carly to make everything allright and intiminated the former big sister agrees, wich gives Terri the opportunity to make a reality and mind change.

Terri was always the big sister (or maybe babysitter, 20 years are indeed a large age gap...) and carly doesn´t remember ever beeing older than 5.

I´ve never seen bodyswap-themed comics or storys in here but wanted to make a scenario, where the regressing party is happy, while the one growing is unhappy about their change and i thought that a bodyswap would be an easy way to do that.

Any ideas or thoughts?


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