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New Author: TGTrinity

Hello! First I'd like to thank bela04 for inviting me to write for, as it's been a fun experience so far. I've always written stories my whole life, but I only started posting them online in 2013. I deal with TG themes mostly, but I've always been a fan of AP/AR as well.

Most of my stories are explicit in nature, though I have been known to write kid friendly fair when asked. I like the main characters of my stories to experience a transformation, and then see how they respond in erotic situations. This is why I typically stick to TG and AP, though I did have fun writing "Mom Jeans" for the site.

I also love to mix erotica with mystery, which is why most of my stories take place in the fictional town of Timber Grove. I wanted to have a place where strange things can occur at any time, with an X-Files/Twin Peaks vibe. Most of it revolves around a Thrift Shop, which is just my own version of SRU.

I publish my stories across a couple of sites, but in the future I'll only be posting her on If you'd like to read some of my older work, feel free to visit where I've compiled all of my stories.

I look forward to working with community and to see what we can create together.

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