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New Author: Planet (3D comics and stories)


I’m The Planet of the AP (or just Planet), and some of you might have read some of my stories in my old blog or a couple of the ones I’ve posted here on AgeArts.

I just tried my hand on some 3D art, like Bela does. I’ve never touched the software, and also my computer isn’t up to the task, so don’t expect to find anything on a professional level. I was just having some fun with the possibilities.

If you’re familiar with my past stories, you can have a good idea of what kind of thing to expect from my 3D comics, assuming I keep doing them. For instance:

-I don’t feature sexually explicit stuff, or even nudity in my pictures. For me, AP isn’t an erotic fetish (but I can respect it if it is for you). I just enjoy them as fantasy scenarios of characters using their new ages to realize their full potential, which is something I’ve been interested in ever since I was a little girl myself. True, being an adult doesn’t mean being all powerful (I realize this now), but for a child, it feels like you’ll be invincible when you grow up. I try to keep that sense of wonder in my stories, rather than the erotic stuff.

-Still, achieving beauty is an important part of that power play I do, so OBVIOUSLY, my characters grow to become very attractive. But no, they don’t become bimbos or sexual objects, just realistically beautiful -and usually very intelligent- women. So don’t expect the kind of exaggerated figures that other authors use in their own comics (and which I respect A LOT). I’d be interested to make at least a piece in a more cartoonish style, though.

-Only kids of a certain age can truly appreciate the perks of adulthood, so my characters are never too young. They generally start in the 9-12 age range, and are usually mature enough to really understand what is happening to them. Also, portraying children is always delicate, but a necessary part of this genre, so I really try to do it in a respectful way.

-This medium finally allows me to properly represent the transformation process, which is very important for me. I rarely do poof-type instant changes, but rather gradual metamorphosis in my stories, and my artwork should reflect that.

-Since AR usually represents the loss of power, I don’t enjoy it as much as AP. When I do use it, it’s usually in the context of a swap.

-I also don’t much care for other transformation genres like TG, shrinking, body swaps, etc. I’ve sometimes used them either to enrich a story’s universe or to attract new audiences, though.

-I only do this on my free time which is, mostly, never. So don’t expect a lot of work to flow all the time. If I’m up to the task I’ll share my material freely with you!


Thanks to Bela for opening this site for us, and for inspiring me to give 3D a try with his well-made stuff. And thanks to all my readers, past or future!

Well, I'll certainly be looking forward to whatever comic you make. Your caption stories have always been great, only limited by what's available for you to use for pictures. But since you can make your own pictures, that'll let you do even better stories. I'm sure these new stories will be as anticipated as the ones on your old blog.

Speaking of which, I've noticed that it's past the projected duration of Astrid's 'curse' from 'A Testimonial'. I don't expect you to put another post on the blog about that, but I'm wondering if you might do anything regarding it.

I'm very glad to hear this, I love your captions and stories and personally agree with the points you've made. I assume you're talking about  infant AR and I see what you mean. But AR could also be "old to young" where an older person gets regressed into a younger body gaining more physical energy and the ability to give a more precise direction to life thanks to the aquired knowledge.

It is an overlooked category sometimes and I don't think many people on this site are into it.

Anyway, I look forward to see your future works!

My first comic was ready the same day I made this post, but it seems that Bela is taking some time off, so I haven't been able to post it yet (And anyway, The Cursed Ones finale will be up first).

So, since it looks like we won't see my comic yet, I'm posting the title card here. That way, you can see the style I've used. Please, comment on what do you think of the artwork, and if your believe it's on the level (but also take in consideration I've never done this before and thus it's not perfect).

LucasG, I do enjoy a good old-to-young AR, though I don't make many of them. I do like the concept behind it, but since I'm still young enough, I can't identify as much with it as I do with AP. I suspect that as I become older, I might start having this kind of AR liking more and more.

As for your question, BLZBub, Astrid's part was only an epilogue, so it won't be continued. Once her time was up, her condition was passed to another person, and so on.

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Looks good to me! I'm no expert but I think you did well.

We'll see when it comes out

Thanks! It should be up soon enough.

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