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Issues with the New Site!!


There are no new comics for some time, is something wrong?: o

Quote from kero on 07/23/2018, 12:20

There are no new comics for some time, is something wrong?: o

I’m sure everything is okay, and Bela04 is working on a few other things for the site and might have something going on with life currently. So there isn’t much to worry about, so just wait  in the meanwhile for next new comic

Don't worry, everything is alright! 🙂 My life is full at the moment, I'm travelling a lot so the projects are coming together slower thats all! 😉 Many things cooking in the background.

In Bela04's gallery all the comics before "taking a few pegs" are shown as coloured boxes and not with thumbnails. They don't seem to be working right as when you click on them there are a few single page images left and I remember that the comics were longer than what's there. Is this a site issue or something specific to me? thank you.

Nope it's part of the old site, since adapting the old comics to the new form takes a lot of time what I don't always have! 🙂

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