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issue premium comics


i buy one of your comics but where i can dowload or see it?


You can find all your downloadable Premium Content under the "Account/Register" page! 😉

nope ;_, i dont see it


i send you an email with all my date and bill info

check it



It should be there as Available Downloads! I checked my mail and I didn't get any mail! Use this:

resend with new title

try to serch it in your spam too


I also bought a comic, but after registering have not received it. The email I bought it under and the register name are the same, when should I expect access?

Send me a mail with your details and I will sort it out for you in no time!

where do I find the password for theforgottenones new video

Quote from dust1234 on 07/04/2016, 22:22

where do I find the password for theforgottenones new video

The email what you got contains it! If you can't find it send me a mail!

I sent you an email a week ago but still have not received access to 14x7.

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