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Hello there!

Hello world!


It has been super quiet lately around these ol parts.


SO how about we do some introductions!


No need to be shy shadow lurkers.  We are all human.


I have been reading since the way ol days of yee AR archive in its earliest forms.  Since then I have been to quiet a few sites.


I use to be somewhat of an active member when tf media was a thing the first time around.  Made a lot of friends there over their irc chat room.


But hey, times change.


Oh! The name is Danielle Btw,  or lady Hewletta,  what ever you choose I'll listen. 

I'm horrible at these things, but I did speak up.  So you should as well!

Hello Lady!

I too remember the good old days of the AR, when people actually got on and posted. (Not that I ever did 🙂 I lurked around for a long time on a bunch of different sites, mainly Fictionmania and MCStsories, until I discovered there was a lot of TF themed sites out there. I'm hoping that this site will do for AR/AP that Femur's TG Comics did for that genre.

Glad to have you here, and hope to hear from more of you 😉

Trinity!  I have seen you post around before! I really liked what tfmedia did community wise.  Also the haven.  The haven got so big so fast I kinda fell off the boat and never went back...  But tf media was a fun bunch of people who chatted every day in the irc and published regularly.  I enjoyed it.


And Trin,  anything you want to know about me hun just feel free to ask or message me 😉

Hello there 😀

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