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Halloween AR idea

This idea was going to be for an rp I had in mind for a friend, but I feel it is too good not to share with you guys. Please forgive my grammar.


So it starts off on Halloween and our protagonist is a sexy red-head wearing a witches costume much like this. She is one of those adults who still trick-or-treats and she comes up to this old house and an old woman answers the door. The old lady gives her one of those old-timey lollipops in the shape of a pumpkin but not before making a low-note comment about how the red-head seems a bit too young for this sort of thing. The red-head leaves and starts licking the lollipop and we see her thong turning into a big poofy diaper (For the record, she is not going to notice these changes for a while), then a big gust of wind blows her dress a'la Seven Year Itch and the flaps of her dress merge into a buttoned flap. As she walks along and eats more of the lollipop, she gets younger and her outfit starts to change along with her. At one point, she finds a quarter and she bends down to pick it up and we see her breasts shrink back into her body. Eventually, her shoes fall of her shrinking feet and her socks turn into little booties, she also starts to get tired and she finds a stroller and manages to squeeze into it as her hips crack. The stroller than moves along by itself with her getting, even more, younger as she finishes the lollipop. The stroller takes the new baby up to the same house where the old lady lives and the baby knocks on the door saying trick-or-treat only to find she can't speak words anymore, and when the door opens we see the old lady only looking 40 years younger and buff naked. At this point, the baby realizes what just happen as the (We might just call her) young lady wheels her inside and says that she has good news and bad news for the baby. The bad news is that she's the kind of a witch that eats children, but the good news is that she doesn't eat them like that and she closes her door. We then cut to a full picture of her house and we hear a baby cry followed by a slurp sound effect.


We then get a timestamp for one hour later as we see a group of four kids (2 girls and 2 boys, one of the girls is a fairy princess with a tutu-like skirt) come up to the house and the door opens showing the young lady wearing the same witch outfit the red-head was wearing and having a 7-month old pregnant belly. She gives them more lollipops and watches them leave and she says to herself how she loves this time of year as we see the fairy princesses butt get bigger and bigger as she licks the lollipop.


So that's my idea. Please tell me what you think and if anybody does want to make a sequence out of this and needs help with the script, feel free to let me know.

Now that sounds like an interesting idea, it both has age regression and unbirth in it but in a unique way! I like it a lot!


Thank you. And here I thought nobody was going to comment on it.

I also like this. The spot is completly on the main character but there are still other things happening to the others. I would like to see this in comic form.

That's what I call an interesting and a fresh idea for a halloween! Interesting details and a twist in the end! Well made! 🙂

Thanks Bela. If you want to adopt this, let me know cause I have some more notes.

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