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deleted account

My account 'perfectdarkness' got deleted. I just purchased Role Swap but I can no longer access it because my account doesn't exist anymore. How can I get it back

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Same thing happened to me. I made a couple purchases with an account, and then that account got deleted. Hoping for some answers to this issue because I don't have any intentions of repurchasing something that I have already brought.

I have the same problem, my main account has been deleted with all the comics I bought 🙁

One of the Latest update made a selection in the users which was... troubling. So far I'm trying to recover some of the users but not with much luck!

Please everyone who's got deleted send me a mail with your details (username/email/pw)
If you've purchased something, I need a paypay id or something what proves you're purchase! I set your account back manually!

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