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By The Principal's Side by DreamLycan

 So this is the story I was referring to in my last post, I would have asked DreamLycan permission to put this up here, but he or she has gone off the radar and I cannot find any info on how to talk to him or her. But this is still a great story if you like your AP with some TG and I would love to see this done in a sequence or comic. Enjoy


“What do you mean you aren’t available today? What do you expect me to do, Jamie, take my son to school with me? You know, that isn’t going to be easy. He is four years old and has ADHD, so he is going to be bouncing off the walls in class today. We are taking a test, so that doesn’t help. Jamie, Brandon isn’t going to sit still. No, he isn’t. Fine, but if the principal complains to me about taking my ADHD boy into school today, you owe me. Alright, see ya later, Jamie, and have fun at the baseball game.”

I hung up the phone and rubbed my head, looking down at my four year old boy. “It looks like you are coming to school with me, Brandon.” Slowly, I bent down, feeling my back pop and cringing at the feel, but picking up my boy. He squirmed in my arms, not helping my aching back.

My name is Jennifer Thomas, ninth grade English teacher. I was forty two years of age, and despite not really being at that age where I start to get pains, the stress of being a teacher has created that. I groaned and set my child back down, stretching my back and rubbing my head, going through the idea of retirement already despite only being forty two.

That brought me to thinking about my husband, bringing tears to my eyes. I had to lean against the wall and rub my eyes, trying to get the thought of him out of my mind. He had died in a car crash three years ago when Brandon wasn’t even one year old.

After trying to regain my composure, I led Brandon out to the car and strapped him into the seat, then getting into the driver’s seat and taking a few deep breaths. Every time I looked down the road, I felt more memories of my lover, Daniel, rush back to me, considering he died right in front of our mailbox. I never drove in the spot and when I had to get mail, I would stand on the curb and do my best to avoid falling onto the street.

Slowly, I swerved around the spot and sped down the street a few blocks to the school. I parked and got out, unstrapping Brandon and holding his hand, walking inside with him. Each step seemed to push me farther from the school, but somehow, I found myself in front of the front door, and I stepped in. By this point, like every day, I was seriously considering retirement, but the students loved me, and I didn’t want to let them down. Of course I would retire one day, but I was hoping to have my little boy in my class one day.

As I walked down to my classroom at the other end of the school, I was greeted by students and teachers, some asking me how I was doing. Despite the three years after Daniel’s death, I was still asked if I was alright and if I needed anything to cheer me up. As always, I told them I would be alright.

I stepped into my room and took a deep breath, telling Brandon that he could write on the board if he wanted, just nothing naughty. He giggled and grabbed a chair, climbing on top of it and starting to write out things like “I love momma” and “ice cream is yummy.” I couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he was writing in his adorable handwriting that only he could read with ease. It took everyone else about ten seconds to make out one word.

In about half an hour, some students started filing in, most of the girls crowding Brandon and ruffling his hair, commenting on how adorable he was. Of course, he loved the attention, so he kept writing the cutest things he could think of. He resulted in writing “daddy is in a happy place.”

I looked up and saw what he wrote, gasping and jumping up, running over and erasing it. He would write that every once in a while, but I didn’t want it on my whiteboard. Some of the students looked up at me and then quietly sat down in their seats, letting me talk to Brandon.

“Brandon, I know how much you love your daddy and that you want to express it, but don’t write that on the board. He is in a better place and all, but it effects how the kids work. Someday you will understand.” I kissed his head and walked back to my desk, finishing grading some assignments and standing up when the bell rang.

I stood in front of the class with my hands clasped in front of me. They all stared at me, waiting for me to do something, but I just looked around at them, thinking about the stories behind each of their lives. How I knew their stories, one day I had them do an assignment to write a story over their life. It was more of a way to get to know them better, but to know that they had experiences in things I haven’t experienced, or to know that I could relate to them, it made me feel good inside.

“Such young lives, all sitting here in front of me, bright and true, loving and happy. Oh how I miss having a life like all of yours.” The students looked at me in confusion but I just gave them a gentle giggle before picking up some tests and handing them out. “No talking, no cheating, and no phones,” I said like always then sitting in my chair and rubbing my head.

Principal Texington peered into my door and instructed me to come out by gesturing with his hands. I sighed and stood up, knowing what he was going to talk to me about. I walked out and stood in front of him, still rubbing my head. “Sorry, Jerry, but the babysitting cancelled at the last second and there was no one to take care of him and—“

“It’s alright, Jennifer, I understand, but it is against the rules to have children in the classroom. If you want, he can hang out in my office. I have some games in there and I would be more than happy to play with him. But he cannot stay in here.”

I sighed and looked back at Brandon, nodding gently and leaning against the wall, sliding down to the ground and groaning. Principal Texington crouched down beside me and held a hand on my arm, not saying anything and standing back up, then getting Brandon and taking him down to my office. I just sat there and gently cried to myself.

Jerry sat down and pulled out a little notepad, handing it to my son and smiling, also giving him a pen. “Why don’t you show just how good of an artist you are, Brandon?” He chuckled, muttering something to himself, stopping once Brandon took the notepad. He began drawing a little dog which was obviously horrible, but when he showed the principal, Jerry applauded him.

Brandon was a bit confused when his body began to tingle, mainly around his crotch. “I gotta potty mister Texington!” He held his crotch and bounced. Jerry nodded and took Brandon’s hand, leading him to the woman’s bathroom. Brandon didn’t notice how Jerry had led him to the wrong gender’s bathroom, so he just walked in normally and hopped into a stall.

Brandon had an odd habit of taking off all of his clothes when he released his contents, so whenever he was in the restroom and someone would see a pile of little boy’s clothing on the ground, they would question what was going on. He climbed onto the toilet and started kicking his legs as he released his contents.

He let loose a soft moan as a faint ache pooled throughout his body. It felt to him almost as if his body was getting bigger, height wise and width wise. The feeling of the cold tile ground touching his feet didn’t bother him at all, but the cool sensation actually sent a good feeling throughout his body. He leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes, smiling gently.

In a few minutes, his body had stretched to just under six and a half feet and his proportions matched as well. Since none of his features had changed, he looked really odd, especially since he had a “baby face” on a large body. Along with that, his body was hairless still, and for a man, that was still pretty strange. Despite his skin not really matching his gender too well, it smoothened and shined even more.

As the scent of his skin began to smell more like lotion and it looked almost as if he had just emerged from a pool (because of the shine), a spray tan was applied. It had a hint of orange to it, but not a whole lot, so from a distance, the “tan” looked normal. He adjusted as it seemed like his hind was sticking to the seat, but as he adjusted the spray tan dried in the final spots and he was able to sit still again.

Brandon scratched at his scalp, not seeming to notice his short, black hair fall from his head and into the toilet. Finally, after he became bald, new golden brown hair started to form a thin blanket over his head. It grew longer by the second, reaching shoulder length before being put up into a bun. A couple strands of hair were left out of the bun, so Brandon pushed those strands behind his ears and relaxed again.

Just as he thought that he was done with the toilet, another urge came and he got comfortable once again. He failed to think much of the tingling messing with his face. Little nose hairs were plucked and added to the stash of hair in the toilet. Once any mucus was pulled out, his nose began to flatten and shrink into a cuter, feminine look. As his cheekbones raised and became rosier, his eyes began to grow. The dark brown of his irises became a more golden brown color, making them much more noticeable. Along with that, an ocean blue color of eyeshadow was applied in addition to eyeliner.

As the shape of his skull became softer and cuter, his eyebrows were starting to get plucked down to a thinner form. The color of his eyebrows shifted to match the color of his new, golden brown hair. To finish off his feminizing face, his lips puffed slightly and was coated with lip gloss, making them shimmer. Behind his lips, his teeth straightened and whitened, looking much more smile-worthy.

The transformation started to stretch lower on his body, starting with squeezing his shoulders to a narrower form. This triggered his arms to thin and accumulate small patches of fat underneath. In addition, his hands became more petite, his fingers becoming thinner and longer. To finish his hands, glittering white nail polish was painted across his nails.

Brandon once again adjusted as a prickling sensation filled his chest, mainly directly behind his nipples. In fact, his nipples were starting to get large and his areolas grew to about a half dollar size, darkening and hardening. Behind, mammary glands had formed just as fat started to accumulate in each breast. They started to grow larger and to the size of a woman’s breasts, dropping and bouncing gently.

As if reacting to the change, a bra formed on the ground, a perfect fit for Brandon’s new melons. As the bra finished becoming detailed with white flowers, Brandon’s abdomen began to get thinner, more blotches of fat being filled in, but still leaving a sexy hourglass figure behind. Again, as if my reaction, his shirt grew and shifted into a wonderful gray suit vest.

The feeling of being raised up a bit higher from the toilet bothered Brandon, but he just leaned back, trying to let the feeling pass. What had happened was large amounts of fat had accumulated in his ass, causing it to bloat to a large, sexy size. The fact that his hips had expanded, adding sexier curves, had only made his hind larger. More fat was added to his thighs, making them larger and rounder.

Brandon felt an odd, pressured feeling inside his member, not knowing that he was about to feel a new pleasure he had never felt before. As the new feeling came, high pitched, feminine moans escaped his lips. Little by little, as he released fluid he had never seen before, his branch and grapes shriveled. By the time he was done, Brandon felt worn out and tired, trying not to lose the feeling he just had.

Brandon no longer was holding manhood, but instead, he was introduced to womanhood, new feminine organs being arranged inside. She ran her fingers through her hair, upset that she had lost the feeling that was just there. The now Brenna, because she was distracted by still attempting to regain the feeling, she missed the fact that her feet had changed to become feminine. Her toe nails were painted over with nail polish to match her finger nails.

Finally, Brenna found herself ready to stand up. As she did, the clothes on the floor changed once again for the last time. Her sneakers were changed into a pair of beautiful black heels, and her khakis became a gray pencil skirt. Brenna bent down and picked up a pair of black panties, slipping them up her legs and around her flat crotch. Next, she slipped on the pencil skirt, then the suit vest, and finally putting the two black heels on.

Two diamond earring were placed on her ears and a wedding ring wrapped around her finger. She stretched out and flushed the toilet, walking out and washing her hands, giggling faintly for no reason.

Her mind was changed to fit that of a woman named Brenna Thompson. She was forty four years old, married to a photographer named Erik Thompson, who was two years older than she was. She was the mother of ten kids, yes, ten. This included a set of triplets and two sets of twins. Nine of them happened to be girls and one of them was a boy, and that little boy happened to be the youngest. It was stressful to have to take care of ten children, but she didn’t mind.

Brenna walked out of the restroom and grabbed her purse off of a desk, digging through it and grabbing a dollar, pushing it into a vending machine and grabbing a diet coke. She took it and popped it open taking a sip and meeting up with her boss, Principal Texington. “Sorry about taking such a long time in the restroom, Jerry. But I am here now if you are ready to give me my instructions for the day.”

“Oh, it is already the end of the day, Brenna. I think you fell asleep in the bathroom,” he chuckled, “but no need to worry about it. You can make it up tomorrow. Go on and go home, I will talk to you tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank you for forgiving me, Jerry.” She gave him a smile and slowly began walking outside, not noticing Jerry walking behind her. Along with that, I was about to leave as well and met up with the principal at the door, wondering who the new woman was. But my eye happened to catch something interesting on the back of her leg, a birthmark. It was the exact shape of my son’s birthmark, and it was so unique, I didn’t think anyone else could have something like it.

“So you’ve met the new assistant principal, huh, Jessica?” I turned around to Jerry and cocked my head. “Yeah, it took the whole school day to transform him, but I think it will be worth it.”

“What? You transformed my boy into a woman? But, you can’t do that!”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, no one but you and I remember her as your used to be son, so he won’t really be missed.”

Anger fumed inside of me and I got ready to slam my fist into the principal’s face. “Hold up Jessica, I thought you wanted to see what you get out of this, because I am not a harsh man. I understand that this isn’t what you like, but I thought I could at least do something nice in return for your little boy’s sacrifice.”

I paused, looking at him with a confused look. Jerry twiddled his fingers and I felt someone wrap their arms around me, pulling me close to them. I was frozen in place, scared to death of what was going on. Slowly, once I regained my composure, I turned my head and felt my eyes fill with tears, seeing Daniel there, smiling down to me. “Hey there, honey, I thought I would visit you after work.”

I was about to turn back to Jerry to ask what was going on, but he was gone. I realized that he had brought Jerry back to life (without the memory of our son) as a gift in return. Immediately, I started going through pros and cons in my head. I figured if I said I wanted my boy back, he would gladly do it but take away Daniel. But if I decided to stay with what he was offering, I could at least be friends with my once boy. It hurt to have to make a decision, but I walked outside with my husband’s hand in mine.



Over the course of five years, I became great friends with Brenna and attended every party she held. I had another child with Daniel, and often, I would ask Brenna to babysit over the summer. I retired that fifth year after the incident, happy and stress-free, still missing my boy, but happy that the outcome from Principal Texington’s desire for a new assistant principal still wasn’t that horrible. At least, not to me anymore.

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