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The number next to the cart symbol in the top right corner is always showing "0" even though multiple items are in the cart.

UPDATE: Working great now!

The gallery also seems to be bugged. Clicking on a comic doesn't bring it up and it just keeps loading.

Also having an issue with loading things from the gallery, nothing comes up, just the loading icon and it just tries to load forever.

Noted! I'm working on it, thanks!

Just found Jociky3's work (not in Gallery), but it's not showing the full image.

I deleted the "beta" pages! It should show only the pictures in the Gallery now!

The Stories Pages can't be found.


I can't see your last commission "Loser". It Ask me a password, but i don't understant beacause i'm log in...

Can you help me ?



It is not yet revealed! 😉 Coming soon!

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