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Bored Babysitter

A young witch earns some money AS babysitter. The boy is about 10 years old and sneaks at her, but she knows it. The evening is long and the babysitter witch gets  bored, so she decides to habe some fun with her little friend. She transforms him into a handsome young man, who is eager to give her, what she desires. After they finished the young man takes a look at his muscular body and is happy that he doesn't habe to be a child anymore, but the witch reminds him, that for his parents he's still a little boy. He wants to ask  her what that means but before he can the witch transforms him back into a boy. The boy starts to cry and says that he will tell his Patents, but his babysitter explains to him, that his parents  won't believe him, but when he acts Luke a good boy, she maybe would come back to take care him again.

This is definitely a story I could get behind. I think I can write something out, but I can't guarantee it'll get made into a comic.

On a related note, I don't want to stifle your creativity, but you should realize Bela is not a factory. He already has a full-enough plate as it is, so you can't really expect every idea you submit to be made into a comic.


I´m sorry, if i made it look like i was expecting all of my ideas become a comic. I´m just a bit bored lately and got a bit carried away, so again, i´m sorry if i put someone under pressure, that wasn´t my intention.

Surly something what gives and takes something! We'll talk about it, as BLZBub said!


I would also like to see this story made into a comic.

Does anyone else want to see this made into a comic?

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