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AR Pirates

Modern terrorist pirates that kidnap people and hold them for ransom, stumble on a yacht full of busty women that look like models. They try to kidnap them. The women seduce them into having sex. While having sex all men are regressed into infants and start crying. Women explain that they are pirates too, using special medicine they altered their bodies so men or women who they have sex with are turned into infants and after they breastfeed them they regress mentally. after breastfeeding entire crew they took them to the adoption company and sold them.

The End


to make it a little less dark, they sell them to good people who want to have children.

what do you think?

please comment and share your thoughts.

I really like it, when someone thinks in control, while he steps in a trap, so i would enjoy seeing this as a comic. But it should have at least 3 male and 3 female pirates, i don´t know if this is too laborious.

But the idea itself is nice.

Nice and interesting story, I have to say myself!

I agree. This is a most intriguing concept.

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