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Apology and Review Feedback

I want to warn readers this post will probably be a long ramble full of grammatical errors.

Now I want to start by apologising to Bela04 for my rather harsh and hasty review of their latest premium comic Role-Swap.  I'm sure every user in the past 24 hours has seen the rather long blog post on the front page talking about a recent review on the mentioned comic.  It was never my intention for the review I wrote the come out like it did.  When it comes to buying things like premium comics from artists and sites is that you never fully know what you are going to receive based of the artists description of their story and their previews.  Yes I should have know what kind of story and style I was buying because I've read everyone of Bela04's comics and should have thought about my wording a lot better when posting my review.  There have been stories of Bela's that I really enjoyed and others I pass on.  Toothpaste was probably my first comic I'd seen by Bela and I really enjoyed it, same goes for Selfie and The Challenge.  The same could be said for many other 3d/drawn artists who sell premium comics and stories.  Another reason behind my review is a hope for the in future on this site and others to maybe give some more in-depth reviews good or bad on purchased content.  Nothing irks me more than reviews on comics that are just somebody saying "loved it!" or "didn't like".  What about the comic did you or didn't you like?  Feel like people giving more detailed reviews on their likes and dislikes in the comics would prevent people like me feeling like they wasted their money on something that they wouldn't enjoy.  I'm not asking people to leave huge panel by panel reviews on what happened but knowing if the transformations only happen across 3 or 4 pages/panels or multiple times across a 150+ page story would help mine and probably other's decisions on whether or not they want to purchase something.

"I have already created many-many free comics for the community, since I love this kind of transforms and I love this community…"

Yes, yes you have.  I'm not saying I don't appreciate what you are doing on your own free time.  Taking the time to learn the programs and the time to setup and render this free comics is much appreciated.  There aren't a lot of people out there who can do what you can and again I thank you and this community does too.

"Without, any offense, what do you think, how long does it take to make such a comic? ...with more than 50 or 80 pages do you know how much work is coming with these?"

I truly have no idea. Weeks? Months?  I have zero knowledge on how to produce these 3d comics.  But I can take a fair guess and say quite a long time based off your passionate blog post and response to my review.  It is easy for somebody to sit in the stands yelling at athletes telling them what they are doing wrong when they themselves have no way of doing what they are telling the athletes to do.  And again this is why I'm apologizing.

 "I’m not a machine what you put your money in and than you get what you want. Many ppl forget this."

I absolutely understand, again I was too hasty and harsh with my words.

"I think I’ve done many comics where you could “experience” what I mean under the slow changes… Again, what did you expect? 20 pages with growin arms and legs? I mean come on…"

Yes, you have.  The comics I mentioned earlier Toothpaste, The Challenge, and Selfie are good examples of what I was more expecting from this comic.  While those comics are much shorter than Role-Swap they had the element of slow changes that I was hoping for.  Where changes happen over a few pages but there are breaks between the changes.  A good example would be DreamTales's Flu Shots comic.  Anybody who has read that comic understands what I mean.  No, I don't expect 20 pages of growing arms and legs.  As I said in my review I enjoy the "journey" instead of the "destination" when it comes to these things.  I enjoy seeing the new changes to be shown a bit more against other characters before more changes happen again. Having someone go from adult to infant in a couple of panels and the rest of the story them stay that way isn't what I look for.

"…. Growing huge breast? Isn’t that many of the ppl are into? I know I can’t satisfy everyone’s needs but come on…. If I give more background to the story, it’s not good enough, if I make comics only focusing on the changes it’s not good enough… Help me out here guys becasue I got a little confused,"

No, you can't satisfy everyone's needs and you never will be able to.  We as consumers have to remember that you are only one person who does this for the love of doing it.  And we have to remember that beggars can't be choosers.  I'm hoping that people will be more vocal on what they are looking for and you will continue to listen to your community no matter how hateful they can be.  I think doing polls on what people are looking for will help with these kind of confusions.  That way you appeal to your lager more vocal buyers instead of people like me who never post/comment unless they didn't like it.  This goes for all the lurkers out there to, be more vocal IN A POLITE AND RESPECTFUL MANNER.  

"What you are fan of is your thing, but only commenting and telling me what you don’t like, I don’t think is fair with me if you have “expectations”."

As you can tell from reading my response above I'm a hypocrite of my own advice.  I should and will hopefully be more vocal in the future.  As far as "my thing" as I stated above, the "journey not the destination" is what I look for in these sorts of thing.  A good example would be a written story that I enjoy, which I don't remember the name of or the author.  I want to say it is Christmas Cookies but I can't be sure.  The story is about a single mother and her daughter receiving a package containing two cookies.  One has an 8 and the other has a 36 written on them.  The mother eats the 8 and the daughter eats the 36, you can figure out what happens next.  Throughout the whole story the author details the changes both character goes though in good detail.  The story isn't so long that you have to read through 25 chapters with something changing every 5 chapters, but you don't have the transformation complete after one paragraph.

" if you buy something when I have allllll the comics in the gallery what shows, what can you expect in most of my comics, and you expect something else… well it’s tough luck..."

And I should have known what to expect from your previous comics.  As said in my review I was drawn in by the description stating slow changes and was hoping it would be a longer version your comics I enjoyed stated in the previous paragraphs.  When it comes to purchasing something from a premium site like this you don't want to give away the comic in the previews but want to give enough to entice people to buy is a tough balancing act.  I've gambled on whether or not I'll enjoy a comic based off of a sites previews.  I'm sure there have been other buyers who've done the same and it didn't live up to their expectations or needs.  This is where I hope people start leaving real reviews on this site and others when it comes to paid content or people contacting other users who have purchased the comic to ask in private messages so not to spoil anything for the other buyers.  I've done that in the past on a site from another artist that helped my decision and I should have done it here first instead of buying on impulse.

"And as I wrote, don’t take this as an attack, I just needed to react since I got a little bit enough with all the people who are always coming out of no-where and give voice to their “disappointment” and then fade into nothing again."

Totally understand.  It can be hard to put so much effort and free time into something and then have people come stomp it into the ground.  But, maybe your posts will help people voice their opinion more often and in more detail.  That being said I'm not wanting people to bitch and complain more because of it but instead give real criticisms which are formed in a POLITE AND RESPECTFUL MANNER.


Again I apologize for my hasty and harsh review.  I've been thinking about what you said and how to respond to it most of the day after I read it.  I hope this will help clear somethings up and you continue to do what you do.

From me and the rest of the community, thank you.

Hey, Hotdog!

I don't want to take this reply too long so I just want to say, that I appreciate the time you took to write this answer for my comment! I know it's not the most comfortable feeling to get hit and swallow something what was ment to many-many ppl on this site. As I said I'm not that kind of person who would bother with such things or want to keep a bad attitude for anyone but when it's too much it is too much and you were at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Your answer also finally contains something what I can start to use as a "review"! This is how every review should look like, just as you write down it yourself not "like it" or "bad, I don't like it". It doesn't help me or the community itself.
I hope to see more comments/reviews or just sharing your ideas for upcoming projects from you in the future!

I also hope, that in the future we all can work on building something new in the future!


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