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Hi Boys & Girls!

bela is here again! Been quite for a while but as always I’m luring around here and on my discord every day. I work on comics also in the bacground but these strange and hard times were full with challanges for me too.
I have a few ideas and comics what are half made in the bacground and I need to find the time and mood to make it available and fun for you. Beleve me, it may be hard for me and I’m sure you guys had your own strguggles but I wanna make and give something to you to feel, we will be out of it! Even if this whole mess will come back later this year we can be thankful for it in many ways… I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way.

And as for a sign that I’m still around let me give you a comic I did last month: “Modelling” is here where we can see how someone – like me – who works in 3D, can find himself easily on the wrong end, thanks to a new plugin, and a bad wish…

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    Glad to see you come back here!

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      Happy that you’re happy! 😉

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