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Good day folks! Update week again! I planning to give you a few comics this week including new ones and a few from the old time classics! I hope you gonna like the new ones as well just like the old ones so expect for some HOT stuff including the Wich Wish  last Part!

To start the week I would like to share a new Premium comic with you what was created by my great friend TGTrinity ! He wanted to try himself in a little bit longer comic that is why he take the effort to give our community a 148 page long AR and AP tale called “Stranded”. If you ask me, I believe it is a great read to those who like to see the happy ending for every character in a tale! The story summary:

“Kim and Gwen found themselfs on an Abandoned island all alone. Just a minute ago there were a whole beach there with a bar, drinks, huts and Kim’s boyfriend. Now there are only just the of them knowing nothing what is going on. Kim try to be a strong woman and find a solution for their problem and help the little Gwen. While she is making moves to cheer up and stay brave in front of the little girl, some strange things starting to happen on the island… Maybe Gwen know more about their situation than Kim would thought?”


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    i bought it. However, it is not working. it said file damage and could not be repaired. it sounds like a good story.

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    it should be fix soon.

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