I’m a 3D Artist who works the
Daz Studio Software!

Started back in 2012 when I found out about the programs called: Daz Studio & Poser. I started to play with both of the program but after a few days I realized that Daz will be my best friend to create!

I was young and curious and after some time I wanted to know what others might think about my stuff, so I uploaded my first comic to DeviantArt back in 2013. It didn’t take long and the community loved my work! I created free comics where I illustrated people under transformations mostly as they Regress & Progress in Age.

After sometime, I become popular and reach 1,000,000 view on my DA page but soon after I was banned from there.

Than I took a few months “break” and in 2016 May, I started again on my own site, AgeArts! Since than I offer free & premium comics and trying to build a community around my work.

What kind of Comics I make?

Age Regression

Where a Character gets younger. In most cases, the victim get’s younger than her or his current age! Like a Man to a little toddler boy or a Pregnant woman into a teen girl!

Age Progression

Where the Character Grows up. This means – in most cases – that a young boy or girl grows up into an adult. It happens in various from and way, for example a baby boy into a teen boy or a teen girl into a young woman!


In this kind of transformation the “hero” in the 99% of the cases, a woman get’s bimbofied. It can happen just like previous ones, by magic, by a weapon or anything else what you can think of! Usually smart, independent woman get’s dumber and dumber until they become an easy, blond airhead giggling Bimbo!

But I’m not the only one! As I said, I try to build a community and since 2016 we grew and some talented Artist & Author decided to use AgeArts as their platfrom to share their works with the public!



Lost is one of the Old’Riders. He’s been wrinting stories for years now. Lost is an amazing talent who can use various transformations even in one story what makes his writings richer and more harder to put down! His stories often includes dark tales with some magic!



If there is someone who always have an idea in mind, than it is BLZBub! With his help many of my comics won a deeper meaning while his own made stories are some of the most creative ones! He prefers the more sweeter and happier tales and I can proudly say, he’s doing an amazing work!



Planet always had a great talent for the AP specific stories. Back on the day, on Planet had a blog where she created stories on a wide scale and her skill, to find the best and the most suitable picture to illustrate them, made her tales more beautiful! Now as a regular Author on AgeArts, her works amaze many of us!



TGTrinty is coming from e-books and short tales, mostly wrinting TG tales. But for a short period of his life, he decided to take action and start to work on 3D based projects to make his stories more live-alike! We had the great chance to see how his talent grows out from the roots here on AgeArts!



As the site and it’s viewers were more intereted the upcoming comics and stories, a few user tried their luck on sharing some of their work with them to see how they would react. One of these people was ARWander who’s cute, and baby themed stories came and got all of us by the hearth!

And what about you? Do you want to be a Author? Or maybe you would like to share your comic with us? If you work within the scene and would like to share your work with our community now here is your chance!

But if you just would like to browse on the site, than feel free to check out our Gallery, Forum and comment! Let our contributors know what YOU think of their work!

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